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Chances are you’re here because you want to grow, evolve and refine as a business leader and as a person. Or maybe you are looking to bring someone to your event that will engage audiences and spur change in perspectives, actions and conversation. Sara’s live speaking events offer that opportunity, let us show you how.



Virtual or Live Keynotes:



To lead in a world that never stops Organizations know that to be successful in a knowledge economy, both expertise and fostering intellectual curiosity are critical to drive innovation. They understand the value of emotional intelligence and not only recognize that these characteristics set great leaders apart, but that they are non-negotiable skills required to thrive in a service-oriented marketplace. And yet, with all the acknowledgement and investment in capitalizing on these skills, something is missing, and stress is rising. WHAT COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE IS YOUR ORGANIZATION MISSING? In this keynote, Sara Ross will share the missing piece of the success equation that all too often is over-looked and under-valued. The thing that not only fuels people and organizations but amplifies their emotional and intellectual abilities, while strengthening their capacity to buffer the impact of stress. This key piece is what Sara calls the Vitality Factor. This isn’t just about stress management, time management or simply sleeping more and working less. This is about strategy. How to move performance and leadership to the next level in an on-demand world where an abundance of information, distractions, and expectations are unrelentingly pulling on time, energy and attention. The research is clear, how an organization manages that vitality factor will either burn their people out or allow them to burn bright and bring their best work forward. WHICH TYPE OF LEADER DOES YOUR ORGANIZATION WANT? Sara will leave audiences with fresh insights, practical know-how and the inspiration to make things happen as she shares how to implement the right kind of vitality boosting practices to help leaders show-up day after day with energy, focus and enthusiasm, including: 1. The three biggest misconceptions leading to over-stressed, under-fueled brains and how this deceivingly influences decisions, effectiveness and performance impact; 2. A Key Vitality Indicator (KVI) system to identify the tipping point where more work becomes counterproductive and healthy challenge becomes unhealthy stress; 3. A Brain C.A.R.E. Scorecard to identify capacity drainers (including email and meeting depletion), and how to re-engineer practices that expand productive vitality ranges; 4. Insights to help leaders shift from inadvertently being a Vitality-Depleter to a positive Vitality Ambassador by multiplying each of these practices across teams and workplaces.



By Increasing Your Stress Vitality Quotient Taking on anything challenging, even when meaningful, is going to involve stress. In a world defined by unrelenting intensity and change – all on the heels of a global pandemic, it’s not surprising that there has been a spike in stress levels and a drop in energy levels with many feeling consumed by work, behind on life, and perpetually stressed out! The challenge is that traditional approaches focus on getting rid of stress and exhaustion, but this doesn’t work because it causes people to inadvertently disconnect from the activities, the people, and the values that replenish and refuel them. There is another, better option. In this Keynote, Sara Ross will share her latest research that shows shifting focus towards increasing your Stress Vitality QuotientTM (SVQ) is a more powerful and sustainable approach. If you feel like you’ve been running on fumes, Sara will give you tools to get you back to firing on all cylinders, including 1. Helping you spot and avoid the two most deceiving “Brain Traps” that disguise themselves as paths to success but instead negatively influence your decisions, effectiveness, energy and relationships. 2. A Key Vitality Indicator (KVI) system to identify the tipping point where more work becomes counterproductive and healthy challenge becomes unhealthy stress. 3. Strategies to give you the courage and confidence to address boundary-creep with practices to expand your productive vitality ranges. 4. A set of what Sara calls “Small-Shift-Strategies” to help you disconnect from work stresses, manage digital devices, and better replenish your energy with the quality of practices even when you don’t have an abundance of time.



To Stress-Proof Yourself Whether at work or at home, there is no doubt that Emotional Intelligence (EQ), has been one of the most heavily tested skills of 2020. Never has it been as important to demonstrate, and yet, in the face of constant uncertainty, working virtually, and on the heels of a global pandemic - never has it been as difficult to practice, especially when feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted. In this keynote, Sara Ross is going to help you change that. Sara has studied stress and the influence of emotions on performance, leadership, and burnout for over a decade. Her research shows that EQ not only helps buffer stress, but it also instills a sense of vitality by amplifying one’s experience and expertise, helping people make good decisions in demanding situations, and creating the confidence to adapt to uncertainty. Perhaps most importantly, EQ is key to building strong connections to help you manage your energy both at work and at home. Building on cutting-edge research from positive psychology, neuroscience, and her current work coaching companies through the pandemic, Sara will share: 1. The top two behaviors that differentiate the best from the rest, and the mindset shifts that are required to practice them regardless of your role or title. 2. The brain science of emotions with insights to more effectively separate work and home and cope with "digital depletion" brought on by virtual collaboration. 3. A stress-buffering strategy to deal with difficult emotions, manage energy and adapt to change. 4. A model to help extend empathy for others experiences, emotions, and unique circumstances while also addressing challenges and your needs in a head-on way, trust strengthening way. *This Keynote is best for general and mixed level audiences


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Chances are you’re here because you want to grow, evolve and refine as a business leader and as a person. Or maybe you are looking to bring someone to your event that will engage audiences and spur change in perspectives, actions and conversation. Sara’s live speaking events offer that opportunity, let us show you how.





If you are looking to take the insights to a deeper level, Sara delivers highly interactive, application-focused learning experiences. These are designed to give people time to practice and apply insights and strategies to their real-life situations. These can run as a breakout session following a keynote or as a separate longer pre- or post-conference workshop. Breakout sessions typically run 1-3 hours and workshops between a half to a full day. Either approach will be tailored to the needs of the organization or group.



Sara is happy to participate in panel discussions, onstage interviews, or fireside chats. You can feel confident that she will bring unique perspectives that are backed up by the latest research and well as practical examples and stories. These sessions tend to create an intimate and personalized experience and are a great addition to an off-site retreat. The value of this approach is that it also demonstrates to audience engagement from their leaders to practice and apply the principles shared by Sara.



Following the format of TED Talks, Sara does highly focused, short but powerful presentations ranging 20-40min followed by either a Q&A session or an onstage discussion with a leader from your organization. These unique talks and discussions are usually highly customized to the organization, industry or group.



The learning shouldn’t stop after Sara’s session. Sara is happy to support your organization’s dedication to sustaining the learning and creating true change. She will happily participate in post-keynote interviews.



If you are looking to bring Sara’s insights and tools into your organization then on-site training or coaching is a great option. These learning solutions may include individual coaching or group coaching for intact teams, training sessions for your managers and leaders, off-site retreats, or intensive executive sessions exclusively with senior teams. This on-site approach will help you integrate the key learnings into the DNA of your culture.


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I do not say this lightly - Sara is one of the THE MOST engaging speakers I have ever listened to. I have heard her speak three times and every time I learn something new but even more notable, I am taken in by her openness, energy and insight. I promise you can count on Sara to over-deliver.

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